Thank you for your interest in the products and services of TezePower. By acquiring the products of TezePower, you have purchased high quality. We grant the following warranties for our products.

Please Note: If you intend to connect batteries in series or parallel, it is absolutely crucial not to purchase them separately! Please purchase the required quantity of batteries for series or parallel connection at the same time. If batteries from different batches are purchased separately at different times, we cannot guarantee consistent data when connecting them in series or parallel. Furthermore, if any issues arise from connecting batteries purchased separately at different times, such cases will not be covered under our store's 5-year warranty policy. Thank you for your understanding!

We provide warranty service, please check the warranty clause in the Product Description. Deep cycle LiFePO4 battery has a smaller size, lighter weight, superior performance, and longer service life, which can greatly reduce Lead Acid Battery replacement. The cell of the TezePower LiFePO4 battery pack has obtained CE, SGS, ISO, KC, IEC, and UN38.3 Test certifications.
We work hard to improve the quality of our products. Every product has to undergo a series of thorough inspections before being shipped out. Once our product somehow fails to satisfy you, please contact us directly and let us help you. 

  • For orders placed from the official site returns or warranty claims contact


The warranty is in effect from the date of purchase by the user (the “Purchaser”).

All products come with a 5-year conditional warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship starting from the date of purchase.

1. Within 30 days from the date of purchase, if our products have quality problems and cannot work normally, we can provide refund services.
2. More than 30 days from the date of purchase, and within 5 months, If our product fails to work normally, the consumer needs to assist us in completing all the battery testing, when both parties confirm that the product has quality problems. Firstly, regarding the customer's feedback about a faulty battery and the request for a return, we offer the option for the customer to send the battery to our European repair department for repairs. Upon receiving the item, we will conduct an initial inspection. If the issue is determined to be with the battery itself, our European repair team will handle the necessary repairs and send the fixed battery back to the customer free of charge.
3. More than 7 months from the date of purchase, and within 5 years, we provide free after-sales service and maintenance services.
4. If you encounter any problems when using the product, please feel free to contact us through the customer service email (, we will provide 24-hour customer service.
5. Please read the product manual carefully before installing and using the product. If the consumer fails to install, use and maintain the product correctly in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual, which causes serious quality problems in the product, it is not covered by the warranty.

We must ascertain whether the product has gone faulty due to defects in materials/workmanship or misuse/neglect.
Any and all damage caused by depletion of consumable parts, abuse, accident, modifications, unauthorized repairs, neglect, water damage, or any other issue not caused by defects in materials and workmanship is not covered under the warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage to the product caused by accidental submerging of the battery in any body of water (lake, stream, pond, or the ocean), leaving the battery exposed in the rain, over current situations during either charging or discharging of the battery, abuse, neglect, improper use, unauthorized modification or tampering, improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, disposal in a fire, freezing, theft, accidental damage, or other forms of physical damage.

All products are checked for quality before being shipped out. If you purchased any items which appear to have a problem, please contact us. In most cases we are able to sort out the problem by providing technical support, without your sending anything back.

DIY battery pack must get the cells balanced (same voltage ) before assembly. Later if there happens don’t know how to assembled or unbalanced assembly is not accepted refund. please consider before taking orders, place order means you have agreed. thank you for your cooperation!、

These situations not provide return nor refund

After the assembly or assembly process happen any problem, such as the protection board connected to the wrong wire burned lead to battery damage, charger failure, the assembly error or unbalanced assembly, etc.

This Limited Warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by:

Conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.
Conditions, malfunctions or damage resulting from negligence, improper maintenance or modification; Damaged or destroyed by natural causes including but not limited to lightning, flood, or other natural disaster; Theft or loss of the Physical Goods This Limited Warranty does not cover any shipping charges, handling charges, gift wrap fees or taxes. You are responsible for and must prepay all shipping charges.
Damage due to improper installation; loose terminal connections, under-sized cabling, incorrect connections (series and parallel) for desired voltage and AH requirements, or reverse polarity connections .
Environmental damage; inappropriate storage conditions as defined by the Manufacturer; exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures, fire or freezing, or water damage .
Damage caused by collision.
Damage due to improper maintenance; under- or over-charging the Product, dirty terminal connections.
Product that has been opened, modified or tampered with.
Product that was used for applications other than which it was designed and intended for, including repeated engine starting.
Product that was used on an over-sized inverter/charger (any inverter/charger that is rated to 3500 Watts or greater) without the use of a Manufacturer-approved current surge limiting device.
Product that was under-sized for the application, including an Air Conditioner or similar device having a locked rotor startup up current that is not used in conjunction with a Manufacturer-approved surge-limiting device.
Product not stored in adherence to the Manufacturer’s storage guidelines, including storage of the Product at low state-of-charge.
You shall assume all risk of loss or damage to the Physical Good while in transit to


  1. Please use the LiFeP04 battery charger specifically for that purpose.
  2. Do not strike the battery with any sharp edge parts, such as Ni-tabs, pins, and needles.
  3. Do not immerse the battery in water and seawater.
  4. Do not use or leave the battery near a heat source such as a fire or heater.
  5. Do not reverse the position and negative terminals.
  6. Do not connect the battery to an electrical outlet.
  7. Do not throw the battery in the fire or heat it and bend it.
  8. Please tighten the battery terminals firmly and use appropriate size wiring, or it can result in overheating and battery damage
  9. Do not connect the positive and negative terminals with a metal object.
  10. Do not transport or store the battery together with metal objects such as necklaces, hairpins, etc.
  11. Do not directly solder the battery and pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp object.
  12. Do not directly connect the battery to a starter machine, our batteries are not designed for starting engines.

Battery Storage Notice

The battery should be stored within the temperature range specified in the product specification. If the storage time exceeds 3 months, it is recommended that you charge the lithium iron phosphate battery. Otherwise, the service life of the battery may be affected. In order to protect the battery, please do not exceed the specified maximum discharge current, and do not be lower than the specified discharge voltage.
When you receive the product, please read the product manual carefully, which contains the installation method, precautions, and detailed warranty terms of the product. When you use the battery for the first time, please fully charge it.